About Us

About Us

At WB Tree Service we want to help preserve urban forestry for the generations to come. We are a small company so personal touch and accommodating the customer is our #1 priority. We take pride in doing a great job for our customers. Following ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) standards and guidelines as well as OSHA and ANSI standards. We like to keep our customers informed, educated and work to what they would like for the future. 

Growing up in the upper peninsula of Michigan, logging was a part of the culture in the north woods. Running a chainsaw at a young age was common. After serving my country during the first gulf war I decided to see the country a bit. Went on a rock climbing trip to Oregon and saw area's that had been clear cut of the massive pine and fir trees. To me it was a bit sad. Working in the industry in my younger years I understood the need for selective harvesting. Still it is a bit of a shock. During this adventure I had the opportunity to do some Aerial Logging in the Pacific NW. The idea was to use helicopters to minimize the impact. With a rock climbing and military back ground it seemed like a good fit for a bit. And thus began a segment of travel, work and play.

After responding to several natural disasters it became evident that this would be a constant part. When you volunteer to go to a disaster where many have lost so much and all you want to do is help. Tornado's, flood's, hurricanes and fires. Mother nature has a powerful way of showing us who is in charge. When you have been working a disaster for weeks and enter a neighborhood and you talk to people who have not been able to leave their home by car because the roads are still covered with debris and EMS could not get to your house if they needed to. 

Tree's are so important to us. They do many functions in the nature of life. Habitat for the animals. Pleasure, shade and beauty for the home owner. Prevent erosion as well as helping add composting material for the soil. About 33% of the US is forest. About 31% of the planet is forest. About 80,000 acres per day of the tropical rain forest is lost daily. About 70 million acres per year are harvested globally. Our job as part of the planet are to be good stewards of the land. We want to help preserve the forestation for the future generations. As an active outdoorsman I have had the good fortune to be able to see many of the countries national parks and forests. From the Valley of the Giant's Oregon to the Alligator Juniper's of Arizona. The mighty Sequoia's of California the Tulip tree's of New York. The Okeechobee Florida to Daniel Boon in Kentucky. The Bald Cypress in the east to the Bristlecone Pine's of the west. the United States is home to over 1,000 species and hopefully we can preserve them for generations to come. 

Wisconsin has over 17 million acres of forest land. 11.5 billion tree's. We face many issues with disease and pest's such as the prevalent EAB (Emerald Ash Bore) that is devastating the state. The tree itself is 1/6 the strength when forced declination by EAB. So a 1 inch branch live has approximately the same breaking strength as a 6 inch branch dead. This alone put the arborist, home and surrounding area in a highly compromised situation. Falling branches as well as major failure of the tree is guaranteed. The most unfortunate issue is the compromised root structure loss. These wonderful tree's will be failing/falling as a constant until we as community can address this devastation that has plagued the mid west at this point in time.